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For over a quarter of a century Danny Baker has delighted and entertained on both radio and television. His is a unique worldview that takes in popular music, film, television, football and anything else that captures his imagination.
His shows are a seamless blend of fact, nonsense, interviews, phone-ins and flights of fancy.

This archive collects together the very best of these gems of modern broadcasting :

  • Here you'll find "Great Tracks (in his opinion)" which has become a museum of some of the strangest music ever made including: a competition for the longest note in popular music, another for the worst songs "trapped" in electronic keyboards and not forgetting the worst Christmas song of all time!

  • If you want to hear the Rock Classic "Smoke On The Water" played on a cello with a courgette or with a bunch of kindling, then it's here.

  • In the "Stunts" Section you'll find crash helmeted babies on skateboards propelling themselves through stacked tins and callers towed in shopping trolleys by hungry hounds lured by sausages.

  • There's interviews with over 40 celebrities, registers of exotic names and last, but by no means least,

  • the Internets greatest selection of funny football related phone calls.

It's not simply a cyber shrine for fans of Danny Baker; nor is it a blind, slightly unnerving collective of fanatical weirdos seeking to bathe in the gravy of the Baker pie. It's an all together much broader church, an online meeting of minds, with one of the liveliest message boards on the net - all infused with the same joie de vivre that Baker brings to his work.

Over the years we’ve been threatened with lawsuits for what must be the smallest intellectual property in the world - “lets get ready to grumble”, we have been finalists in the funniest Website of the year and received numerous mentions in the media.

Get ready for a whole world of MP3 set out like smarties on a birthday cake.
It’s Apes, Ivory and Peacocks through your modem.

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