Danny Bakers Internet Treehouse
The Internet Treehouse Quiz

The Treehouse Trivia Challenge

So you've followed Danny around the Networks and you think you know your trivia? So suck a thoughtful tooth over the Treehouse Trivia Quiz. 10 points for a correct answer, -5 for a wrong one and a time limit to boot!

Hat's Off!

An ex-Radio One Controller has slipped past Security and he's taking pot shots at objectionable headwear in the studio.

Any More Pie

"Any More Pie?"

You've thirty seconds to feed Danny Kelly as many oversized pies as you can.

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Baker Invaders

Baker Invaders

Help Danny defeat the minions of toe-sucking, brown-nosing aliens before they take over Earth.
Use your mouse to move Danny and your 'Space Bar' to shoot.

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