Danny Bakers Internet Treehouse


Date of Birth



One Stop Records (Shop)



Sniffin' Glue (Punk Fanzine) Not particularly all Sex Pistols



First TV appearance - Chat from The London Weekend Show


NME - A hipper gunslinger joins the posse


NME - They actually don't write about Pop music


NME - A Golden Age



Top of the Pops audience



20th Century Box


Six-O-Clock Show - "and Baker must score......no!"


Six-O-Clock Show - Have you lost your voice Dan?



TVam - (Playing Peter Pan)


TVam - (Reviewing the Comics instead of the papers)



Danny Baker's Londoners (aka Danny Baker On... )



The Bottom Line - Consumer Show with a secret ingredient



The Game (LWT-only Sunday football series)

  Greater London Radio (GLR)


Win Lose or Draw ( - 1993)


Radio Five Sportscall


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - An Ulster Fry


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - Lineker on Gazza


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - Gazza's Family


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - Where he grew up


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - Spotted by a Boy's Club


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - The Dressing Room


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - How he relaxes


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - The famous Footballer


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - Burger, Cake & Chips


Presenting "Gazza the real me" Video - The end of our time


Through the Keyhole - "David, it's over to you"


Through the Keyhole - Tarrant & Co. guess


Through the Keyhole - "Live in a hole in the ground"



606 (October 1991 to October 1992 )



Morning Edition (February 1992 - 29th October 1993)


Wogan (Guest) - "Not as fat as I thought"


Wogan (Guest) - "The best thing in the world"


Wogan (Guest) - "Tell me about this 606"


Wogan (Guest) - "Photos of enormous bums in jeans"


Wogan (Guest) - Punks and their tough little dogs


TV Hell


Own Goals And Gaffs Video


Me, You and Him (playing "Himself")


British Comedy Awards (Writer early to mid 90s)


Mars Advertisement



Whose Season Was It Anyway Video


Right Hammerings Video


TV Heroes (April 1993 - September 1995) - Rolf Harris


TV Heroes - Johnny Morris the sexiest man on TV?


TV Heroes - Johnny Morris Be grateful for TV Evolution


TV Heroes - Phyllis Nan Sortain Primrose Pechey


TV Heroes - Toughest gig of all - Pinky and Perky


TV Heroes - Noelle Gordon the Queen of Crossroads


TV Heroes - Spike Milligan


TV Heroes - Oliver Postgate


Have I Got News For You '93, '94 & '98) - Gazza & all


Have I Got News For You - Enjoyed a Kebab


Have I Got News For You - Inside info. on Geri Spice


Have I Got News For You - Greyhounds and Sham 69


Danny Baker After All (Sept.-Nov. '93) - Theme


Radio One - (Oct. '93 - Sept. '96)


Shooting Stars - Roly Poly, Sour Faced Danny


Shooting Stars - Doing the Stylistics


Frank Stubbs Promotes (playing "chat show host" )



Own Goals And Gaffs Two


The Big Breakfast (Jan. '94 - Apr. '94 ) - My TV Husband


The Big Breakfast - A little left over from Monkhouse


The Big Breakfast - Welcome to the Bathroom


The Big Breakfast - Whose Washing Line is it anyway?


The Big Breakfast - Steve Coogan, Zig, Zag & Danny


The Big Breakfast - "So, how are you?"


The Big Breakfast - Jonathan King the original punk


The Big Breakfast - Whoops


The Big Breakfast - Zig, Zag and Danny


The Big Breakfast - Jim "Ulster Fry" McDonald 1


The Big Breakfast - Jim "Ulster Fry" McDonald 2


The Big Breakfast - Big Breakfast Bye Bye


Daz - The Daz Man


Bygones (May - July 1994) - Guess the Waxwork Head


Pets Win Prizes - (Jul. - Aug. '94) - Talking Parrots contest


Room 101 - Nuts & Sluts Shows


This Is Your Life (November 1994)


Danny Baker Show - (Sep. '94 - Mar.'95) - Shane MacGowan


Celebrity Squares - Gameshow Host & Radio 1 DJ


Celebrity Squares - "You lost weight Dan?"


Celebrity Squares - Misunderstood on Slavery


Celebrity Squares - "Who writes these questions?"


Celebrity Squares - Michael Angelo's nose


Celebrity Squares - A Double Act with Doc. Cox



Fabulous World Of Freak Football Video


Fantasy Football League - "The most Cockney of couchs"


Fantasy Football League - "another Prince Naseem Show!"


Fantasy Football League - "You've been untidy every time"


Fantasy Football League - "Cue huge fat bloke"


Fantasy Football League - X-Rated Danny


Reeling In The Years (Christmas Day )



Best Of Danny Baker Video


Baker & Kelly Upfront (Jan. '96 - March '97)


TFI - Danny has an admirer


TFI - Disability Poker


The Baker Line (Oct. '96 - Feb. '97)


Sacked by Radio 5 - Danny Sacked!


Sacked by Radio 5 - More on the controversial sacking



Baker and Kelly United (March '97 - Jan. '99)


Match of the 80s (Jul. - Aug. '97) - 1980 - Liverpool


Match of the 80s - Bonkers Brucie


Match of the 80s - Manchester City


Match of the 80s - A hell of a beating


Match of the 80s - Puffed up pitches


Match of the 80s - Ron Saunders goes wild


Match of the 80s - No bungs at Arsenal


Match of the 80s - Robbo & Ron


Match of the 80s - An old idea


Match of the 80s - Tynesides future Messiah


Match of the 80s - Football is a simple game


Match of the 80s - Luton lead the way


Match of the 80s - Sponsorship, thems is evil


Match of the 80s - Birmingham's Curse


Match of the 80s - Just a joke Garth


Match of the 80s - Lifes not about laughing


Times column


Simpsons Sky One Specials - Pure Rock and Roll


Simpsons Sky One Specials - Twisted world of Marge


Simpsons Sky One Specials - As good as TV gets


Simpsons Sky One Specials - Dear Old Friends


Simpsons Sky One Specials - After These Messages


Simpsons Sky One Specials - Simpsons Monkey Evening


Before They Were Famous - Writer - (1997 - )



Virgin Breakfast - Feb.'99 - Jun. 2000)


Danny Baker's Morning Edition - Jan.9 - 16th '99




I Love The 70's (Several appearences) - "Doing a Clanger"


Goodbye 2000 (Writer)


You Don't Want To Do That (for Jeremy Clarkson)


Secret Life Of Stars (for Jamie Theakston)



Comic Relief: - Say Pants to Poverty


BBC London (Sept. 2001 - present )


Before they were famous (Writer)


Jobs from Hell - Referees



Walking with Giant Killers (with Danny Kelly)


Not another Gameshow (and other BBC writing credits)


Baker and Kelly United (Short run)


The Steve Wright Show (Guest) - The 2 Dans are here


The Steve Wright Show (Guest) - A lazy record


The Steve Wright Show (Guest) - Scrap!


The Steve Wright Show (Guest) - Best group in Britain



Quite possibly Millwall's most famous fan
  The most absurd Cup Final there has ever been
  Nobody's watching we don't care
  Lads don't laugh out loud
  A £766 Phonecall to my Dad
  You better take your Microphone off first
  Question of Sport - Who knows what four men can get up to?"
  Question of Sport - "Is that Kenny Sansom?"


Pre-Sony Awards Interview with Kevin Greening
  Danny Baker - Sony Award-winning DJ of the Year 2005


Bronze Entertainment Award in the - Sonys


Sitcom Showdown (UKTV Gold)



The Steve Wright Show (Guest) - Moaning about clocks


The Steve Wright Show (Guest) - Donning fishnets


Since March Podcasts (All Day Breakfast Show)



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